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Listing Your Home

The ultimate goal when selling your home is to get the most you can from your investment. There are a number of things you can do that can help you get the price you desire or more. The first step is working with a real estate agent who understands the area and intricacies of the market. Having them provide a Comparative Market Analysis will give you a general idea of the prices of similar homes in your area, which homes have sold, and the differences between those and yours. This gives you a blueprint on where to start before your improvements.

Your real estate agent will also be able to do a full assessment of your property and make suggestions for improvement. They may also give you tips on how to stage your home during the process. These tips will help you focus on the items homebuyers look for, and will help you save money and time while focusing on the things that will make the most impact.
Some of the main items that will help your listing price are:


Homebuyers love to see energy-efficient appliances, and bright, shiny kitchens. Even if the appliances are not new, they should be clean and inviting. The refrigerator should be sparkling, with drinks for the buyers. They will be surprised, and impressed.

Bathroom fixtures

Updating the bathroom with little touches can increase the price of your home. Changing the mirrors, faucets and toilet will make an impact. Have the grout professionally cleaned and the caulking replaced is also a good way to stage your bathroom for success.

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Outdated flooring should be replaced. If the home has carpeting, a deep cleaning is in order. Flooring is the first thing buyers see when they step into your home. Make that first impression count.


A new coat of paint can make a room look like a new place. Choosing neutral colors that help bring in light can not only help the rooms look larger, but will make a difference in your pricing.


A professionally landscaped property immediately goes up in value. Taking the time to add curb appeal and outside beautification can add value and dollars to your listing price.

General maintenance

Getting a home inspection to take care of all maintenance-related issues will help you determine the right price for your home. Knowing there are no underlying problems that can be negotiated during the selling process can help you with establishing a firm price.

The listing price is the last thing on the list that should be determined after you have made all improvements. These tips will help you establish a listing price that may exceed those on the Comparative Market Analysis. Working with your agent, you should be able to determine a listing price that meets your expectations and is in alignment with your appraisal. Doing the homework and making the right improvements will help justify your listing price to achieve selling success. 

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